Cuckold: Everything You Need to Know About Cuckolding

Depiction of what a cuckold is.

The cuckold fetish has officially gone mainstream but most people don’t know what it is. Here you’ll find out what it is but also what is involved in the wild world of cuckolding.

This is what a cuckold is in the modern era

Forget about the old school definitions; this will explain what a cuckold is in the modern era. Keeping it simple is always best.

Cuckold: A man who wants his girlfriend, wife or mistress to have sexual relations with other men.

Often times he will want to watch, listen to and possibly even take part in the fun. That’s typically the case, but some guys into cuckolding just want to be cheated on while they wait at home hoping for “sloppy seconds” or “cleanup duty”.

Terms related to Cuckolding

In the world of cuckolding there are a few terms that one should be familiar with to fully grasp things. We’ll be looking at the most important ones.

1. Cuckold, Cuck and Cucky

A cuckold can go by any number of names or titles but the most common you’ll find are as follows: Cuckold, Cuck and Cucky.

No explanation is really needed because it’s obvious how those nicknames ended up being used to address a guy into cuckolding.

2. Cuckoldress

In case you haven’t already guessed it; a Cuckoldress is a woman that takes part in cuckolding her partner or submissive. They can be single or married, however married women tend to go by the title of Hotwife instead.

3. Bulls, Studs & Wife Lovers

Obviously another man has to be involved for a guy to become a cuckold. This is where you’ll find terms such as Bull, Stud or Wife Lover being used.

These are the three most common titles used to described the guys that bang cuckoldresses and hot wives.

These are the guys into cuckolding

There are basically two groups of cuckolds: Guys that are voyeurs and guys that love humiliation.

The voyeurs just get off on watching their partner getting off with someone else. Men into humiliation on the other hand may have tons of different things going on in those melons.

You’ll find this group is often filled with guys rocking small penises, premature ejaculates or just love submitting to anything a woman wants. They’ll also be the same group that may be in relationships where the girlfriend or wife is aching to experience sleeping with a big dick.

This is what cuckolding involves

Cuckolds that are into voyeurism are easy to explain. These guys want to watch, wank and have threesomes with their partner. They never sleep with other women, which is why they’re not swingers.

The cucks that are into humiliating however love to watch, get verbally taunted during and possibly even do emasculating things in the midst as well.

For example some love having to lube up the guy’s dick or the pussy in preparation. Others want to see what it feels like to have sex after a much bigger dick has been there. Talk about kinky!

Now you know exactly what a cuckold is and what it involves. As you can tell cuckolding isn’t what the media tries to portray it as.

It’s truly a kinky sexual fetish that mainly involves a mix of female domination, voyeurism and humiliation. The fetish does lend itself to a ton of variations, so there’s not really a one size fits all when it comes to cuckolding.


3 thoughts on “Cuckold: Everything You Need to Know About Cuckolding

  1. I thought, if I can’t be the man pleasing the women, I should be humiliated while a bull takes care of my wife.

  2. I am a cuckold into both voyeurism and sph. My wife is a Hot Wife and recently she has a full time bull. I was telling my adult step daughter that we bought a bull pendant for my wife’s lovers birthday. She told me that my wife should be wearing an ankle bracelet signifying that she is a Hot Wife with a bull lover and a cuck husband. Because I am a willing cuckold it should be worn on her right ankle, opposite to her wedding ring. I ordered a chain with a female sign and two male signs. Of course one of the males is bigger. Waiting patiently for it to arrive.

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