Sissy panty wearing habits

Sissy Panty Wearing Habits

How often do you find yourself either wearing panties or wanting to wear sissy panties?

Are you the type of sissy that needs to warm up to wearing panties or are you already rocking them regularly? There’s a big difference between pantyboys and full blown sissies, so that’s why we want to know where you stand.

So whether you’re slipping into some thongs during bimbofication training sessions or always pop on bikinis due to your micropenis; we want to know all about it.

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4 thoughts on “Sissy panty wearing habits

  1. im a sissy for shur. I were tiny pantys and bras allways. my baby sized dicky fits perfect in pantys. luv to show you..

  2. I crossdressed as often as I could from the time I was 11 until 15. (Usually with the help of an uncle) The fear of getting caught and outed made me stop for many years.

    In my wake I left a long line of unfulfilled frustrated partners. More than once I heard the words “is it in yet”. Yes; I have a teeny weenie. Eventually I learned to satisfy my partner orally and manually. This worked for many years. Then one day as I made my way through Wal-Mart from the pet department to checkout, there in front of me was a beautiful pair of bold pink hipster panties. I did not have the will power to walk by them, in the cart they went.

    The first thing I did when I got home was strip down a pull those bold pink panties up over my small penis. I was instantly erect and 30 seconds later the panties needed to be washed. I sat down still wearing the sticky pink panties and wrote my partner a letter and confessed to everything.

    A month later I had 36 pair of panties, bras, slips, nightgowns, and 4 chastity devices. My partner took to being a key holder immediately.

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