33 Percent of Guys Are Minute Men

Minute Man poll results graph.

Look out ladies because the number of minute men out there in the world is growing. A recent poll shows way more guys are quick cummers than previously thought.

When guys were asked to answer honestly in regards to how long they could last in bed, they did and it was shocking to say the least. Well the numbers speak for themselves.

The Minute Man Poll

The bad news doesn’t stop there. When you add together the number of minute men plus the two pump chumps, your mind will be blown. It equals out to being 56 percent of men will ejaculate within 1 minute or less during sex.

That’s a shit ton of premature ejaculators in the world.

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One thought on “33 Percent of Guys Are Minute Men

  1. The 4 times a year my wife lets me put my pathetic white worm in her, I cum in less than a minute and she always has a good laugh.

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