Foot Worship is Ideal for Submissive Feet Fetishists

Mistress demos foot worship fetish.

Everyone has heard about feet fetishes but foot worship is the most extreme form of it and the ideal situation for submissive guys.

A male slave or submissive will always find himself adoring his superior’s body. Naturally being told to kiss the feet of a dominant woman is a given as well. Complete submission to the powerful feet that rule over you is always required.

Submissive guys with a thing for feet will make ideal candidates for becoming a foot worship slave. However they are not the only men that may find themselves craving. Extremely submissive men may also end up worshiping feet simply due to the symbolic nature of it.

What the Heck is Foot Worship?

Foot Worship is ultimate act of devotion and submission to someone’s feet. This can involve the viewing, kissing, licking, sucking and sniffing of their feet, among plenty of other things.

The worshiper will be completely infatuated with the feet of other person; to the point of being controlled by them.

What’s a Foot Slave?

A Foot Slave is simply a name given to the person that takes part in the worship of an others feet. They may also be referred to as a Sub or a Foot Freak.

Some men are lucky enough to worship in person but many others do it online. You can even watch women showing off their feet on webcam and start worshiping right now for example.

Activities Involved with Foot Worship

Aside from simply looking at feet and loving it, there are also tons of other activities involved. Literally the sky is the limit as to what they all may be. Here are some examples of worship taking place.

Example 1: Foot Massages and Teasing

A submissive man could get told to give a long foot massage to his mistress while she teases him the entire time.

Example 2: Sock Torment

The femdom knows that her slave has a thing for socks. So she uses them to weaken him and do things for her in hopes of being able to sniff them or jerk off with them later.

Example 3: Foot Slave Objectification

Another great example is when a dominatrix uses her slave like an object. She might use his face like a footstool or his mouth like a personal bathtub for her toes.

Those are just a few examples showing why submissive guys with foot fetishes should be used as foot worship slaves. Just like men that are hooked on hot ass should get into a fetish called Ass Worship.

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