Teased, Denied and Left Behind Like a Bitch

Teased and denied.

Years ago I had been invited to a party by my mate Leah. She was trying to convince me to break up with my girlfriend Alyssa, since everyone knew she was cheating on me. Apparently size matters because she was going to town on dicks without me even knowing about it initially like a dumb ass.

Finding out you’ve been cuckolded

Well now years later, I know she was even cuckolding me with a BBC. She was also giving blowjobs to one of my friends behind my back and who knows how many other horny guys she got off during our relationship. All the while I still got sympathy tries at having sex and triangle tugs (tiny dick handjobs) here and there, I was still getting bitched around and embarrassed by her.

Man up!

Leah wanted me to be at least a tiny bit more of a man as her close friend and told me as much. Well that night, after some drinking and Alyssa not replying to my messages I decided to try to have some fun on my own again. Apparently she was out on the town with her girlfriends or whatever. In all reality she was probably making some off guy’s hard dick bust a nut behind my back again.

Let the party begin!

Playing beer pong.

So I went downstairs at the party, after just finishing a game of pong, when Leah came strutting down in an all-black dress. Her signature cannons, that she loved showing off, were bursting out of her top and her amazing full round ass was peeking out from the short skirt part of the dress.

It was so short it was showing just a tiny bit of black lace. That was enough to make ya wonder if there was a thong splitting those amazing butt cheeks or full lacy panties or who knows the possibilities!

Instantly boned up to the max

Black dress with lace panties.

Just a glimpse at those big tits and black lace made my l little Pierogi swell up and I instantly began getting nervous as she came over to me. Without saying a word, she smiled, leaned in and kissed me on the lips! I nearly fainted and didn’t know what to do. I literally just stared in awe and couldn’t stop thinking about her amazing ass and titties and smile; I was frozen with excitement.

Finally she said “Follow me mate!” and led me upstairs. One long step at a time, she had my hand and I was right behind her hot ass just taking in every bit of air it left behind. Yes I’m the type of pervert that tries to sniff asses.

Anyway, I was trying to keep my eyes from bulging as I stammered, “Where are we going Leah?”

She giggled and said, “I’m going to show you how real women dance.”

At that point we made it to the top of the stairs and the main party room was dark. It was nothing but a strobe lit room with people dancing and grinding everywhere.

Try not to cum in your pants

She took me to a corner and I of course can’t dance at all and was freaking out, so she said relax mate and chug this. She handed me a shot, I chugged it and then the song Timber came on by Pitbull and Kesha. I’ll never forget it. It was at that point she backed me up in a corner, flipped around and stuck her big full beautiful butt cheeks right into my crotch and worked it like I’ve never seen before!

Try not to cum in your pants.

Trying to more or less not cum in my pants, I said, “OMG mate you’re so hot, OMG you’re so hot!”

It’s all I could do, I was freaking out and so nervous about my lil’ polish pee-pee in my underpants. I knew she was with a BBC at the time and she already had called me out at the library about having a small dick.

But tonight she just kept grinding me and I did my best to stay with her moves while trying to keep my short dick from poking straight out. She giggled after the song and said “Looks like you’re having fun tonight mate! hee-hee.” and pointed at my little bonered up pants.

I said I never saw anyone move like that or something gay but then another song came on and she kissed my cheek and said, “Be right back.”

BBC arrives and blue balls begin

At that point her BBC rocking boyfriend Showed up, Ricky, and they got a drink together and then started dancing. She smiled and winked at me and then texted me later and said “Sorry I didn’t know Ricky was coming, good thing he didn’t see me do that lol!” I watched for a few as she rubbed her ass crack all over his bulge like a bitch-boy before moving on like a teased and denied loser.

Jerking while they were twerking on big cock

Jerking while they were twerking.

Still not hearing back from Alyssa and with raging blue balls I got a ride back to my apartment and immediately started jerking off thinking about Leah’s amazing ass while I drunk messaged her and Alyssa, hoping for any kind of action or a pic or something, as I kept jerking load after load while they were both getting pounded by or sucking on BBC I could only assume.

A decade of jerking off to the memories

This wasn’t the last time Leah would tease me and 10 years later I’m still gooning thinking about her leopard print panties, the all-white panties and the black thongs, not to mention those bra peeks of her huge cannon tits that would make my bonerette pop up in my pants.


Oh Leah my mate, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make a bigger boner for you! All I have is a tiny Polish pee-pee and that’s all I’ll ever have. I can’t even last more than a pump or two anyway due to my premature ejaculation problems. Sorry Leah but it’s all I ended up with in the meat department.


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