Penis Size Matters: Deal with It Tiny

Penis Size Matters

We all know that penis size matters but some men and women still want to deny reality.

Penis size matters, we have all heard the debate but there was never really one to begin with. Only a few key groups of people would claim otherwise and it’s not because they are somehow telling the truth — it’s because they are lying or it doesn’t matter to them for reasons that have nothing to do with sexual pleasure.

The only people trying to say that it doesn’t are guys with small dicks in their pants, women that are either too fat or ugly to find a man and lesbians, but that one is a given. I don’t blame them for trying to “fight the power” but we all know the size of a man’s penis makes all difference when it comes to his partner’s satisfaction.

Think About This

If a guy with a 3 inch boner can last for an hour in bed, it doesn’t matter because it would be boring as hell to deal with it. On the other hand a guy with a big penis can leave us ladies screaming for more and feeling fully satisfied before he is even finished.

Sorry but Penis Size Still Matters

So of course size matters — no matter how much tiny dick losers and clitty cocks cry about it. They are simply lying to themselves while we all laugh. If you don’t think it does you can plead your case in the comments but why try.

Sex for men always feels pleasurable because you get to slide into a warm pussy but for us ladies, we need something bigger than a finger. Guys need to remember that we have had 10 finger our whole lives, so why would be want to have sex with an 11th one. It really is that easy to explain.

Tongues Are Not Penises

This is one that is so sickening to hear. Every woman has heard a guy claim that his tongue can make up for his dick size or “I’m great with my tongue!”

Let’s just set the record straight: A tongue is not a penis, therefore it can not work as a substitute for a penis.

Come on now, you guys should all know this and I think deep down inside you tiny penis packing guys do know that but are always in denial. Being able to go down on us really well is one thing but it can’t replicate the feeling a big throbbing hard cock can. And it certainly can not come close to making us cum in the same capacity.

The Penis Makes the Man

Sure a guy with a small penis can be attractive, successful and even an all around great person but he will always be lacking. By lacking I’m referring to the meat department of his grocery store, if you know what I’m saying.

A man with a big penis makes you feel like a woman. Just seeing it draws you in and makes us instantly want to pleasure it and feel the pleasure it can give. It is an incredibly sexy sight to see, when a hung guy pulls out his large cock out of his zipper. Small guys can’t compare or compete with stuff like that.

Big dicks make you know you are the one getting banged, it feels like a man is handling business when he is packing a big piece of meat. Tiny dicks on the other hand look weak and make the man using it seem weak.

Tip of the Iceberg

The things described are really just the tip of the iceberg. It is endless the amount of things that could be listed off to show why size matters to the extent that it does. Guys with small penises should just accept this reality and stop trying to fight the facts. Size matters, always has and always will.

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5 thoughts on “Penis Size Matters: Deal with It Tiny

  1. Some men just don’t get it. Everything mentioned is true. Guys with small cocks try to justify their inadequate size. It’s not the size, but what you do with it….is the most common I’ve hear. It is the size. You ever try to use a small tool on a big project? Small wrench on large nut, eye glass screwdriver on any other screw but the tiny one eyeglasses use. You have a small dick, now step aside and let more adequate men satisfy the women the way she wants to be satisfied. Even gay men want the meat and potatoes that make a men. Unless they are more a father figure and want a boy to be boy-sized.

  2. A small dicks cannot be justified in any way. Those of us with them should be available to make mistresses and Bulls happy.

  3. I’ve decided that because I am no good sexually to a woman that I should decrease my libido as much as possible. I have started taking Vitex, licorice root, flaxseed and mint tea everyday. I still love looking at beautiful women and do but I know I must never touch! If I succeed in decreasing my libido, I will be a modern day eunuch without being castrated. I want women to feel that I can admire them but I will never waste there time or hurt them. Almost like having another girlfriend.

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