Big Toe Challenge for Tiny Penises

Big Toe Challenge

Guys with tiny penises can’t compare to the size of real men but the Big Toe Challenge is a way to see if it is bigger than a pretty toe. How hard could it possibly be? I mean a my big toe can not be more than two inches long!

Taking the Big Toe Challenge

Considering most of you are probably single, the option to have your wife or girlfriend do this with you is out of the question. You guys will need to do it online with me or another femdom. If somehow you do have one then go ahead and have her bust out that big toe.

Doing the Big Toe Challenge is about as easy as it gets. All you need to do is pull out your little limp penis and compare it to a big toe.

Now if your truly flaccid size is smaller than the toe being shown on webcam or in real life than you lose!  If you are bigger though and by a few inches then you win.

Most average size guys should be able to come out winners doing this challenge. So for those of you that don’t, we all know what that means — you have a tiny peen!

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