Mistress Will Rate Your Tiny Penis Properly

Mistress will rate your tiny penis

Curious about whether or not you have a tiny penis?

Mistress will rate it for you and clear things right up. No need to sit around staring at your wiener just wondering if it’s tiny or average. Now it is as easy as grabbing your smartphone or sitting down at your computer.

Mistress Knows All About Dick Size

Mistress knows a big dick when she sees one and I can guarantee you that if you have a tiny dick I will let you know. Average and small dicks are basically the same but if you’re below average I can certainly let you know that as well.

Mistress Will Rate You Honestly

When it comes to dick size I can be as sweet or as ruthless as can be. All you need to worry about is pulling out that tiny peanut and letting me see what you’re working with.


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