Tiny Penises Make for Good Cuckolds

In this world there are guys with tiny penises and men with big dicks which is what brings me to the topic of cuckolding. There are plenty of hung guys into being cuckolds for fun but tiny penises make for good cuckolds and I dare say, the best cuckolds you can find.

Tiny penises make for good cuckolds
A prime example of why tiny penises make good cuckolds.

A hung guy may like to watch or share his wife or girlfriend and may even join in but a tiny dick loser of a cuckold will take verbal abuse, humiliation, chastity and even become a helpful creampie cleaner.

Most hung guys wouldn’t go quite so far but a useless beta penis will every time because they know they will never please a woman in any way sexually.

Tiny Penises Will Become Cuckolded

Guys with tiny penises know they can’t compete with a real man so even those ones not into cuckolding can be convinced to go along especially if they think they’ll risk losing their girlfriend or wife.

In other words, if a guy has a tiny dick he knows his options are limited especially when you point it out to them. So once you put him in his place, he’ll become an eager cuckold without much of a struggle at all.

I’d love to hear from any couples or tiny dick cuckolds out there and see what your take is on the topic. Share your experiences and opinions below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Penises Make for Good Cuckolds

  1. When I watched my wife fuck my good friend with a huge cock, I knew I was a tiny dick cuckold. I’ve never made my wife or any woman scream like he did. Since then my wife has been with many men that she brings home. I love prancing around naked so they can see my tiny shaved dicklette and laugh. I’m also into SPH.

  2. I’ve been a tiny clitty boy all my life. Unable to satisfy woman or even last more than a few brief minutes. I became feminized and cross dressed early. As a passable sissy boy I was able to make friends with some women. They enjoyed dominating and using me for their pleasure. I participated with enthusiasm as this was obviously the best I was going to get. Accept, submit, participate and enjoy!

  3. So agree with this. I’ve been with my wife since university but a holiday with some couple mates changed our lives. Basically we went skinny dipping in the villa pool and everyone could see I was tiny compared to the other boys. A few drinks later and my wife was being fucked properly on a pool sun lounger and screaming on sexual extasy – I could never make her moan / scream like that – been a sissy small dicked cuckold ever since

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