Toilet Paper Roll Test: How-To Guide

There’s a trend sweeping the nation known as the Toilet Paper Roll Test. What the test does is determine if a penis is too short or too thin. All a guy needs is a toilet paper roll and he can now know for sure if his dick is too small.

Toilet Paper Roll Test

Toilet Paper Roll Test: Essentials and Steps

What’s Needed: Toilet paper roll and your dick.

How to Do It: Get your penis hard and stick it in the tube.

After you’ve completed the test all that’s left to do is interpret your results to see how you measure up. I wonder how many of you guys are getting nervous reading this right now.

Toilet Paper Roll Test Results

You only have a couple options, as seen in the example above, but let’s put them out there too. It’s simple to figure out if you’re rocking a small penis or if you’re packing some real deal man meat that all of us women crave.

Check it out and face the truth in regards to the size of your penis.

Fits Into the Tube: Penis is lacking girth.

Shorter Than the Roll: Penis is too small.

That’s all there is to the Toilet Paper Roll Test! Big shout out to Show Your Tiny Dick for letting us use their graphic for this article. If you take the test please share your results with all of us!

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