Tiny Dick Gets Exposed Online

This guy goes by the alias ‘Angry One Inch’ and he has good reason for that because of his tiny dick and I mean it’s really one inch long. Just take a look down at this clit sized penis and see for yourself.  It’s any wonder his little 1 incher is so angry. Wouldn’t you be?

Angry Tiny Dick Exposed

Tiny Dick Exposed

image via Freakden.com

Can you frigging believe the size of that miniature penis? His tiny dick is so small he probably can’t even jerk himself off. One thing is for sure, he’s not going to be getting any action ever unless it’s some 400 pound fatty that settles for his complete lack of dick.

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One thought on “Tiny Dick Gets Exposed Online

  1. That is a small penis its about same size as me. I probably won’t ever have sex again espesially if I got exposed online!

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