Pathetic penis apology for Ali

Pathetic penis apology that went viral

As I sit here with my pathetic penis in my black lace panties squirming in a combo of pre-cum and previous loads (over 50). I had been thinking about how May 12th was almost a decade ago when I was dumped by your amazing Hungarian ass.

You friend zoned me and made me your bitch that is in the original apology but there is more still. All these years later I still need to confess because you deserved better, you deserve the truth and I once again flopped up short the first time.

First of all I am sorry

This time I first want to say I am so so sorry for not just groveling at your feet the first time you called me a fairy and begged me to be YOUR butt fairy. I would’ve been your little tinker bluebells and paraded around in a fairy outfit just to show you how desperate and obsessed I was for even a glance of your seductive gaze or accidental graze of your yoga pants clad Hungarian butt-cheeks I truly was.

I was your errand boy but should have done more

I did a lot for you errand and money wise but not near enough to make up for what you knew and were never fooled by. Other girls in the same class found out the hard way but you let me know right away and knew immediately what I was and what I had packing.

Being a drunk dinky dicklette

Sorry for being a drunk dicklette.

I’m so sorry Ali for the time I got drunk at your house and stayed in the basement as usual and came across your bra and panties. I couldn’t help but worship and sniff them! And this was way before I knew about femdom or about SPH or anything to do with my world now.

I’m now engaged to an actual butt-crack and serve and worship hot young college goddesses by sending them tributes for anniversaries like this one and for um, I m-mean for having below a 4 inch c-cocklette.

Apologizing for the dance we attended

I know you never my micro-penis but I’m so sorry about the time at the dance we both attended, when you gave me that one dance and my raging young cocklette was going full bore ping pong paddling around between your amazing ass cheeks in that tight sky blue dress!

Sorry about the premature ejaculation issue

Sorry about the premature ejaculation issue.

Oh, oh Ali I’m sorry, even now I’m trying not to lose my lil’ load out of my lil bay-bays during this apology letter. The butt crack I mentioned before makes me do this but I understand why it makes sense and is necessary.

Your ass cleaner and fluffer

I’m so sorry for rambling on Ali, I know you moved overseas to BIGGER and better things for the LONG run. However if I could ever see you again for a tiny bit just know I am willing to be your ass cleaner and fluffer and serve you in anyway.

My goddess will allow me to be rented out, I’ll even pay the rental fees for you so you can have me as your servant for free for a bit. I’d be so good at it Ali please! Just give your former BFF a chance to service your amazing butt cheeks! I’m so sorry for my 3.5 incher.

I apologize for making a move with my micro penis

Ali I’m so sorry I tried to make a move on you one time during pong in the garage and you said “what’s that” while my swimsuit boner poked you in the leg. If you remember I leaned in to make-out and then you patted my sack and said “nice try” then giggled and walked away. That showed me I was a friend-zoned bitch. My pathetic small penis knew its place.

Wishing I had let you cuckold my pathetic penis

I am  sorry I didn’t buy you more things. Ali I’m sorry I didn’t beg harder and do all I could to be your cuckold beta bitch boy. I didn’t know but now I’m set right by Goddess Jennifer and Princess Lexi.

Gross dicklettes deserve cuckolding.

I’d be so much better as your BFF cuckold slut than just a BFF, if you ever come back to the states that is! I m-miss you so much and just one more time:


Sissy and SPH Experts

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