Facesitting Definition: What is Facesitting?

Woman ready to give a facesitting.

Kick back and find out what facesitting is all about. One thing is obvious right from beginning: It involves having someone sit on your face.

Some women and tons of guys find themselves wanting to get into some facesitting without even knowing it’s both a sexual fetish and a sexual position.

Facesitting Definition

Facesitting is a sexual position that involves a woman sitting on a man’s face. Typically this is done to receive oral sex. However this position is also used for domination and body worship within the femdom realm.

Standard Use for Couples

In vanilla relationships, it’s primary use is as an alternative position for receiving oral sex. Many women have found it to feel empowering using this position to get their pussy licked and sucked.

It’s also a nice way to take control of the situation and have it worked over exactly the way we want it. Being able to ride their face, grind their mouth and nose — endless possibilities!

That is also what makes it perfect for men that want to worship pussy and ass. Which brings us to the next most popular area of facesitting.

Body Worship: Ass, Panties and Pussy

Female domination involves infinite ways to subdue their playmate and facesitting is one of them. You submissive guys out there can’t resist our bodies and have a desire to worship or adore them.

That’s exactly body what worship is all about. Adoring and pampering superior ass, panties and pussy. Some men might  be specifically hooked on ass worship and others want to worship it all.

Facesitting is great because it’s not only an overpowering position but it makes our goodies available for sniffing, licking and enjoying. Now that’s an irresistible combo for everyone from the submissive guys to even the most dominant alpha men out there.


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