When your balls hang lower than your penis

Balls hanging lower than penis

Size certainly matters and realizing your balls hang lower than your penis means you’re not one of the lucky ones.

Unfortunately if your penis doesn’t hang past your testicles then you have a small dicklette for a penis known as a dicky do. It wouldn’t even be a surprise if you actually have a micropenis. It’s sad but easily could be true when your cock barely hangs whatsoever.

Using the photo above as an example, you can see he clearly has an inferior waste of space for a dick. Yes it’s a small amount of space but still his small penis is a nuisance because it serves no sexual purpose other than humping his mattress.

Do your balls hang lower? Take the test!

The test to see if you fit into this small bunch of wieners, all you need to do is one simple test. Just stand up with your flaccid (limp) penis hanging down in front of your fully hanging balls. Do not do this when your balls are tight!

Now just take a look. Does your dick hang at least a couple inches or so past your balls? If it doesn’t then you know what the deal is.

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2 thoughts on “When your balls hang lower than your penis

  1. wtf this guy looks just like my girlfriend’s ex. She said he was a total bitch when it came to sex and had a dick that she had to fight to keep herself from laughing at. Said she gave him a couple pity attempts and he shot his load before he even got near her pussy. What a bitch!

  2. Pleaaassee oh pleassse Mr.Josh Cock pleaaasee d ddont telll her im on hereee and have t t urned into this pleasse sir ill d d do anything!

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