Apologizing to Aubrey for my micropenis

Apolozing for my micro penis that looks like penne.

When you have a micro penis and disappointed an ex-girlfriend, sometimes it’s best to give an apology to them. This is my second attempt to do just that.

I apologized before but I wanted to expand on a few tiny things and make sure I’ve completely apologized well enough. All I want to do is appease your beautiful bikini clad ass and amazing tear drop titties.

Oh Aubrey I miss you a so much and so desperately long to tell you in person just what I could do to be of use to you. Now that I’ve had two years plus of reality checking femdom blueball bashing blitzkrieg from the SYTD crew, yes that’s right, I’m talking about the femdoms over at

They are sorority girls and they have been making me do nightly ballbusting and ass worship sessions, while constantly reminding me of my sub 4 inch (it did shrink more with age I’m sorry).

Barely worthy to wear panties

Apology for my micropenis.

They taught me that my pee pee is barely worthy of panties and humiliating entertainment only. Also they explained that ex gfs like you had to move on from the tiny dick trauma to get BIG DICK and in turn get a FILLED ASS AND PUSSY. This brings me to one of the skills I could use for you now and a part of the apology.

Aubrey, beautiful Aub-buh-buh-bree! I’m so sorry that I was unable to get my pathetic tiny 3/4 erect floppy penis into your amazing tight little pussy. I drives me crazy thinking about it everyday.

Just a premature ejaculating loser

I’M SO SORRY AUBREY that I premature ejaculated when you excitedly ripped off your yoga pants showing me that royal blue thong too.

That thong right between your bronze fit butt-cheeks looked so delicious. Aubrey I’m so sorry for all of it! I couldn’t even tickle your pussy as you know all too well. I just pinged off each butt-cheek helplessly while you waited and waited and waited for the entry but all I could do was helplessly try.

I remember you bored waiting for me while I flicked around my penne noodle penis and tried to hide my loser load from you. Only a loser with a tiny little dicklette like me would premature ejaculate that fast!

I’m so sorry Aubrey for every minute of time wasted and every attempt I made to pathetically try and thrust in the general vicinity of your flawless ass and pussy. That was me hoping to luckily fall in and somehow last two minutes when deep down I knew I wouldn’t.

A pathetic birthday blowjob

I hope you don’t even remember the one time you tried to give me a b-day blowjob! It was so pathetic, I got limp in your mouth and my 1.5 inch limp noodle made you laugh incredibly hard that day. I am sorry!

Letting me be your pay piggy

Micropenis doing high heel humpies.

I’m glad I got to spend so much money on you, as it’s all I could really try and do. You shouldn’t ever have to endure the presence of my penne without being gifted repeatedly. I would love a chance to present your thonged butt-crack with an apology gift.

The whole time I would be on my knees begging you to watch me make humpies. Humpies is a term Goddess Jennifer at SYTD uses to describe when I, um, hump your high heel from the summer we were together. Yes I still have your high heel like a horny pervert.

See how desperate I’ve become

Aubrey if you even remember me, please watch my videos on freakden to see just how much your high heel has brutalized my ball bag. You’ll also be able to see how desperate I remain for your sexy smile and bubble butt.

Just one last time: Aubrey I am sorry!

Sissy and SPH Experts

4 thoughts on “Apologizing to Aubrey for my micropenis

  1. Aubrey I am desperate enough and willing fully to be your cuckold ass slave including cleaning your ass crack with tongue after any situation, round the clock barista and maid services, laundry service, and cock fluffing for your bull husbands including massages, blow job teases, full blow jobs and cum guzzling loads in real time or from old condoms. Thank you Aubrey for helping to break my balls and brain 🙏🙏💔🔵🔵

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